Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan has been caught up in a neighbourhood war in Florida over his noisy pets.

The colourful character, real name TERRY BOLLEA, lives in an exclusive area of the state, where homes cost upwards of $10 million (GBP5.26 million),

And the "loud and frequent noise" and "unsanitary stench" from his menagerie of pets, which include chickens, dogs, a rooster and a ferret, is upsetting his millionaire neighbours.

Last summer (04), the local chief of police responded to complaints and told Hogan to clean up his act, or risk prosecution.

And now, the head of the homeowner's association, which oversees Hogan's compound, has complained to town officials that the wrestler's household was such a nuisance, some neighbours had been forced to move their bedrooms to the opposite side of their houses to escape the noise and smell.

According to US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, Hogan has further upset his neighbours by opening up his home to TV cameras for a new reality series, which will cover his legal battle.

03/03/2005 02:36