Wrestling hero Hulk Hogan agreed to become America's latest reality TV star in a bid to boost his daughter's pop career.

The white-haired fighter and his family are set to become the new THE OSBOURNES with new show HOGAN KNOWS BEST, which debuts this coming weekend (10JUL05), and the Hulk admits he's only doing it to put his teenager BROOKE in the spotlight.

He says, "It started as a special, just a one-hour special... and it did great ratings and they approached us about doing the TV series.

"Brooke has been beating this music business up for four years and we're still trying to break through so we thought that if she had the vehicle of TV, like these other girls like ASHLEE and JESSICA and Lindsay Lohan... it would kinda put her on an even playing field."

07/07/2005 03:00