Wrestling star Hulk Hogan is reportedly planning to call a court hearing to appeal to have his imprisoned son NICK BOLLEA transferred to another penitentiary.
In a series of taped phone conversations obtained by website TMZ.com, the former wrestler - real name Terry Bollea - can be heard making arrangements for a secret trial with his son Nick. The 17-year-old is currently serving an eight-month sentence after pleading no contest to felony reckless driving following a horrific car crash in Clearwater, Florida, which left his friend John Graziano critically injured.
In one of the recorded calls, Hogan can be heard telling the teen he will not be appearing at the courthouse, because he feared his presence would attract unwanted press attention and inadvertantly pressure the judge "not to do the right thing".
Hogan then advises his son against telling his mother - the star's estranged wife Linda - about their plan, fearing she would arrive at the hearing with her divorce lawyers and draw more attention to the court date.
Bollea also tells his father of his plans to arrive in court "in my jumpsuit, for the sympathetic factor".
It is believed Bollea will be asking to be released from Florida's Pinellas County Jail, and even request to be put under house arrest, after making his wishes known in another conversation - which has yet to hit the internet.