Hulk Hogan has declared his unconditional love for estranged wife LINDA BOLLEA - despite the pair's increasingly bitter divorce proceedings.
The wrestling icon - real name Terry Bollea - split from his wife last November (07)- after 23 years of marriage.
And the former couple has faced a string of devastating difficulties since their separation, including the imprisonment of their 17-year-old son Nick, is serving an eight-month prison sentence at Florida's Pinellas County Jail following a car crash which left his friend John Graziano brain damaged.
As an added embarrassment for the Bollea family, Linda is currently dating a teenager 29 years her junior - prompting failed singer daughter Brooke to publicly lambaste her mum's choices.
However, despite their grievances, Bollea insists his love for his longtime partner has not faltered.
He tells, "I unconditionally love my wife, even though we're not together anymore. The Linda that I know was a great mother and a great person."
And the star claims to have resolved his issues with daughter Brooke, who was left devastated by her parents split, her brother's incarceration and her mum's consequent relationship with a 19-year-old.
He adds, "She (Brooke) was a little confused about who everybody was, and maybe had misinformation, but right now Brooke understands who I am, and who her mom is, and what's real and not real. She's doing real well now."