Hulk Hogan fought back tears during a live TV interview on Tuesday night (10Jun08) after expressing his fears over son NICK BOLLEA's state of mind - insisting the 17-year-old has been "unraveling" during his spell in prison.
The former wrestler's son is currently serving an eight-month prison sentence at Florida's Pinellas County Jail, after pleading no contest to a felony of reckless driving following a horrific car crash in Clearwater, Florida - which has left his friend John Graziano brain damaged.
The teenager has been rocked by a series of personal setbacks, including spending his first few weeks in solitary confinement and recordings of his private phone calls to his parents being leaked to the media.
And during an emotional appearance on U.S. chatshow Larry King Live, Hogan - real name Terry Bollea - admitted he is seriously worried about his son.
He tells King, "It was like the whole world (was) crashing down on my son. Solitary confinement - most hardened criminals unravel after two or three days. Nick survived in there 28-29 days.
"I did everything I could to laugh, to cry with my son. I was trying to help (to) give Nick some type of relief because he (was) consumed with the unknown."
And Bollea insists the leaked telephone conversations may have tipped Nick over the edge.
He adds, "This was the only thing Nick had left. This is the privacy everybody had in prison… and to have that taken away? I was more worried than ever about his mental state unraveling."