Hulk Hogan has accused his estranged wife LINDA of squandering her alimony payments on illicit drugs.
The wrestling star - real name Terry Bollea - recently demanded Linda Bollea undergo a full evaluation after she claimed to have caught her ex "rolling and smoking joints" with their daughter Brooke’s boyfriend. Her test came back negative but Hogan insists the results are not valid because the exam wasn't legally supervised.
Hogan has taken his former partner to court in a bid to get her $40,000 (£26,677) a month alimony payments reduced.
And, in a hearing in Florida on Monday (15Jun09), the star's legal team raised the issue of drugs once again - calling a witness who alleged Linda had been using her money to purchase prescription pills.
Linda's former hairdresser, Tracy Morgan, testified that she cashed several cheques for her former client, telling the court, "She was actually buying drugs with the money. She told me that."
Morgan also claimed to have seen Linda with marijuana and pills in her possession.
Hogan's lawyer, David Houston, added, "We believe that the money is simply not being put to good use. It's being wasted and obviously on things that we feel are inappropriate."
Linda's attorneys called Morgan's testimony "a complete fabrication."
The former couple split in 2007 after over 20 years of marriage.
The next hearing in the case is scheduled for 23 July (09).