Hulk Hogan's son NICK BOLLEA will be released from prison three months early for good behaviour, according to U.S. reports.
The former wrestler's son is currently serving an eight-month sentence at Florida's Pinellas County Jail, after pleading no contest to a felony reckless driving offence following a horrific car crash in Clearwater, Florida - which left his friend and passenger, John Graziano, brain damaged.
But the 18-year-old is eligible for early release for his good behaviour, reports
A source tells the publication, "(Inmates) automatically get credits towards early release, and if they don't do anything bad while they're here, they get to use the credits."
Graziano's family lawyer George Tragos admits he is not surprised to hear of Bollea's early release.
He says, "It's standard procedure. There is no way for us to impact his release date, that's not within our control. It's a formula worked out by the sheriff."