Actor Hugh Laurie's celebrity band has scored a big hit as a download on iTunes - with Cab Calloway classic MINNIE THE MOOCHER. The act, Band From TV, featuring the House star on piano, Desperate Housewives star James Denton and Heroes' Greg Grunberg, has performed a string of charity shows in Hollywood, and now they're making waves online. Proud Laurie says, "We've done one song for the soundtrack of House that comes out very shortly and there was one other song that is now an extra you can get on iTunes. It's Minnie The Moocher. "There's about 50 versions of Minnie The Moocher on iTunes and I'm afraid to say ours is the most popular... It was a real thrill... It's a funky version of it." But Laurie is even more impressed with the charity money the group has raised - and the acts he has been sharing a stage with. He adds, "In about a dozen shows we have played we have raised just a gargantuan sum of money for charity. "The first one we played... we went after Yes and before Fleetwood MAC... The top of the bill was MACy Gray."