British funnyman Hugh Laurie has one regret about having a hit American TV show - it means he has to brave the traffic in Los Angeles.

The former BLACKADDER star's new venture HOUSE, in which he plays a rude doctor, has become such a big hit in the US, it has been picked up for a second series - extending Laurie's stay in the Californian city.

And although the actor is a big fan of LA, he wishes motorists would learn to drive properly.

He says, "I'm broadminded enough to go with the other side of the road thing, it's the not-looking-through-the-big-glass-thing-at-the-front-of-the-car... It's unbelievable.

"On rainy nights I lie in bed and I listen to the car accidents."

Laurie, who himself rides a classic British Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, amazed driving test officials when he passed with flying colours on his first attempt.

He recalls, "The woman behind the desk said, 'Y'know it's a new test and, let me tell you now, you're not going to pass it. The only person who has ever passed this test first time on a large motorcycle is (bike-loving chat show host) JAY LENO.'

"I nailed it."

27/03/2005 21:22