Hugh Laurie planned to kill himself before he turned 40.

The 'House' actor - who celebrates his 50th birthday in a few weeks time - and his school friends made a pact to take their own lives because they thought they would have achieved everything by that age.

He said: "I remember I made a pact with some friends when we were 18 that we'd kill ourselves before we got to 40. It just seemed such a ludicrously distant prospect. I think I'd say that you'll never think you know more or feel more acutely or have any clearer an insight into existence than you do right now."

Despite failing to go through with the suicide pact, Hugh admits his life hasn't turned out the way he thought it would.

He added to Britain's Seven magazine: "From now on it's a gradually descending mist of confusion and doubt. I've never known less than I know now. You hope that your teenage self would like and forgive your 50-year-old self. It would be awful to think that they'd be ashamed and appalled - that you were a betrayal of everything they thought they'd become."