The British actor "avidly" watched the final debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night (19Oct16), before making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert.

Speaking to host Stephen about the forthcoming election, Hugh shared that he was hesitant to voice his opinions on the presidential race because he’s not a U.S. citizen and considers himself to be a "guest" in America.

But the 57-year-old star, who plays forensic neuropsychiatrist Dr. Eldon Chance in new Hulu show Chance, said he would "prescribe" some advice to each of the nominees.

Describing Trump as "unspeakable" and an "astounding character", Hugh humorously recommended an unusual tactic for the 70-year-old businessman.

“It may be too late but for Trump I would suggest breastfeeding,” he told the audience, who burst into applause. “It would be a consensual treatment obviously.”

But when it came to Hillary, he advised on a more conventional approach to sprucing up her appearance.

"Hillary, she seems fine to me. My only prescription for her would maybe be a soft, vertical stripe, (her current look) is a little clinical," he sighed.

The House actor then went onto say that he doesn’t think it’s acceptable that the election campaigns have been sold to the public on the "basis of incipient disaster". And while politicians may see profit in "saying the world is coming to an end", he feels that simply isn’t the case.

"The American voter is not going to be killed by (militant group) ISIS, I just sort of promise you that. The American voter will be killed by diabetes, for example. I mean, that’s just a fact," he smiled. "And if ISIS were half-way decent at their job they would be opening a chain of doughnut shops, but fortunately they’re very dim and haven’t worked that out."