Hugh Laurie never expected 'House' to last so long.

The 51-year-old actor moved to Los Angeles alone for the show in 2003, leaving wife Jo and their three children in the UK, and admits he wasn't prepared for the effects of his success.

He said: "You have to go where the work is and sacrifice time with your friends and family.

"I never thought this would last seven years, just two weeks I thought. I get tired of getting up at four in the morning. Some days are harder than others."

Despite not enjoying every aspect of his success, Hugh still retains a fondness for Dr. Gregory House, the character he plays in the US drama.

He added: "House's capacity for emotional closeness sis very limited. But he's trying. He's 51 and thinking of becoming a father to his girlfriend Lisa's adopted daughter. That's a big deal for someone who's set in his ways like House.

"I've always liked him. I know he's not a good man all the time, but I find him immensely funny. He's dark and bitter, just like myself."