Hugh Jackman's drastic haircut for new movie THE FOUNTAIN left him terrified his odd-shaped head would attract a barrage of abuse. The X-Men star was mercilessly teased at school for being a "Pea Head" and worried his shaved locks would start the bullying again. He tells Premiere magazine, "I used to be called Pea Head at school. The moment I saw myself, I started laughing hysterically. "All I could see were my mates going, 'Pea Head! Pea Head!' "I'd always dreamed of shaving it, because I love swimming, and with my head shaved, it was the most exquisite feeling." The Van Helsing star insists that he had no pangs of vanity before taking the drastic step adding, "I like experimenting. I also had to shave my legs, chest, and arms. "After the first couple of days, it became a real pain: wrists, underarms, everything."