Hugh Jackman's latest movie THE FOUNTAIN has so divided film critics, two journalists came to blows over the sci-fi epic. The Fountain, which is directed by Darren Aronofsky, was booed at its premiere at the Venice Film Festival recently (04SEP06). But Jackman claims he never expected the movie to find a mass audience - insisting the feuding journalists at its first showing is proof the film is going to loved and loathed in equal measure. The film, which also features Rachel Weisz, spans 1,000 years and sees HUGH JACKMAN as a 16th century Spanish explorer, 21st century scientist and 26th century astronaut searching for the Fountain of Youth. The Van Helsing star says, "The truth was, at that press screening, about 80 per cent of the people gave it a standing ovation, and about 20 per cent of the people booed. A fight began between the press. And two of them had to be pulled apart. "And I thought, 'That's a great story. Why wasn't that story told?' That's exactly how the movie, I think, will be seen."