Australian actor Hugh Jackman has emerged as Britain's number one choice to play the new James Bond.

Jackman - who has already touted his own name for the sought-after superspy role - beat out competition from other 007 candidates Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor in the poll for satellite website SKYMOVIES.COM.

The survey was conducted to help out movie-makers who are reportedly struggling to decide on a suitable replacement for Pierce Brosnan after shooting wraps on his fifth and final outing as Bond next year (05).

And it's X-MEN star Jackman, who was born to English parents, who has been crowned the people's favourite to step into the secret agent's shoes after collecting 24 per cent of the vote.

The Lord Of The Rings hunk Orlando Bloom is second choice with 21 per cent, followed by Farrell, with 16 per cent, and British actor Clive Owen, with 11 per cent.

07/07/2004 02:22