Actor Hugh Jackman left his X-MEN ORIGINS: Wolverine co-star Taylor Kitsch with a bloody hand during filming - after accidentally slashing him with his metallic claws.
Jackman shares an intense fight scene with Kitsch's character Gambit in the comic book movie - and the Australian star admits he got a little too aggressive during one take.
He says, "We were having this fight scene and he has his staff and he goes to hit me and I stop him with my claws, and he pulls back really quickly.
"I'm looking at him because they (the directors) haven't called cut, and I'm looking at my claws and there's only two claws coming out, and I'm thinking, 'Where's the third claw?' I look up and it's sticking out of his hand. Straight into his hand and he's like, 'Whoa dude, something I said?'"
But Kitsch brushed off the injury and pressed ahead with shooting.
Jackman adds, "He pulls it (the claw) out, wipes the blood on his jeans and goes, 'Let's go'."