Hugh Jackman regrets turning down the chance to play BILLY FLYNN in movie musical CHICAGO - even though he is convinced Richard Gere was better than he would have been in the role. The Australian actor, who has a background in musical theatre, mulled over the character for weeks before ignoring the advice of family and friends and passing on the part. He says, "I read that script, knowing I could (do it). Plus I was in musicals, wanted to do a movie musical and I read it. I thought, 'This is great.' "And yet there's a line in the thing, near the end, where he (Flynn) says, 'I've seen it all, kid.' and I was 32 at the time. I was like, 'This is just wrong. It doesn't feel right.' "I had many people say to me, 'That's a bad choice, you should do it...' "I saw the movie and my palms are sweating because it was in New York and there was a line out the thing (cinema) and there was a real buzz. "I saw Richard playing and I was like, 'He's better for it.' He was perfect because it would have changed everything (if I played Flynn). "But I still, to this day, kind of think, 'I think you should have probably just done it.'"