Australian actor Hugh Jackman is planning to branch out into the music world by recording a jazz-based album.

The X-Men hunk - who recently won a TONY AWARD for his performance as Peter Allen in acclaimed Broadway production THE BOY FROM OZ - is currently working on the project with musician RICHARD MARX, but recording it has proved to be a tough task. Marx says, "I love working with him. The only problem is that between his Broadway show schedule and my schedule, we're just having a hard time finding time to get in the studio.

"We've been talking on the phone and emailing each other to slot some time over the next couple of months to try and get the record done so we can put it out in the spring.

"I need some time to really zero in on his vocals so that everyone can see just how good a singer he really is."

"We're doing tunes like the old CHARLIE CHAPLIN song SMILE, OLE BLACK MAGIC, Beyond The Sea and an updated arrangement of the BEATLES' AND I LOVE HER that's really amazing."

27/07/2004 02:33