Hugh Jackman missed out on getting acting tips from screen legend SIR Michael Caine on set, because the pair were so busy drooling over their female co-stars. The X-Men star teamed up with Caine on new magician movie THE PRESTIGE and confesses he was initially nervous about the encounter. Speaking at the film's London premiere last night (05NOV06) Jackman recalls, "It seemed to me everyone was trying to do a Michael Caine impression when they met him but I never did because I was c**p at it. I didn't want to embarrass myself. "I was in awe because he was so iconic." And Jackman is particularly upset the acclaimed actor refused to play the part of a mentor on set, preferring to eye-up the leading lady. He moans, "I wish he was, but we spent most of the time on set ogling SCARLETT (JOHANSSON)! She's a very talented, beautiful woman."