LATEST: X-MEN star Hugh Jackman was horrified when he thought he had accidentally blown up director Brett Ratner's house - only to find out it was part of an elaborate prank. Ratner had staged the joke with Ashton Kutcher for the MTV show PUNK'D, and Jackman was left in a state of distress even after he was let in on the joke. Jackman explains, "I got Punk'd. They tell me it's the biggest Punk'd they've ever done. I go to Brett's house and he shows me around and tells me how much everything cost - the house itself is worth $14 million (GBP8 million). "Then he goes, 'I'm going to cook for my girlfriend, but I've never cooked before.'" The X-Men director persuaded Jackman to take a look at his barbecue to see if he could figure out how it worked. Jackman attempted to light the barbecue, before telling Ratner the gas wasn't working properly. The pair left to go to dinner and when they returned Ratner's house was engulfed in flames. Jackman says, "When we get back there are four fire trucks, 100 fireman. The entire house is on fire. They had explosions, they had smoke, they were throwing couches out the window. "After five minutes the guy came down and says, 'We've discovered the source - it's coming from the barbecue.' "I was shaking and it just went on and on. I'm fully thinking my life is over. They told me three other houses were on fire, I'm thinking I've killed someone. "When the guy told me I'd been Punk'd, I was so into it I was like, 'How can he be joking at a time like this?' When I finally realised (what was going on), I just lay down on the ground. "They handed me the release form to sign and I'm like, 'Whatever.' I was this close to throwing up."