Hugh Jackman has mixed emotions about taking his son OSCAR to see his new animated movie FLUSHED AWAY - because the tot will quickly realise his father is no master storyteller, but a plagiarist. The Aussie actor has been recalling the plot of Flushed Away - about an uptown rat flushed into the downtown sewers - as a series of bedtime stories to his son, but he hasn't revealed his source for the night tales. Jackman says, "I always read to my son at night, but probably every second or third night I'll actually just make up a story. "The best story of all, which I haven't told him is not my work, was Flushed Away. "It's all gonna come crashing down in a month when he realises I ripped it all off the movie because every two or three months I'll come home between instalments - when the script would change - and I'd have a whole new instalment of these incredibly elaborate kid's stories."