X-MEN star Hugh Jackman new long hairstyle hasn't got anything to do with a movie role - he's lengthened it to please his wife.

The screen hunk, admits his actress wife Deborra-lee Furness thinks his new hair makes him resemble actor LORENZO LAMAS - who she has held a crush on ever since she acted alongside him on '80s TV show FALCON CREST.

And Jackman says he's pretending to have lengthened his locks for his role in new movie VAN HELSING - but it's really to heat up their passion.

He explains, "Not that you really need long hair for the 1900s, it just my wife really digs it, that's all. We've been married seven years so I thought, 'Let's spice things up a little.'

"She'll kill me for saying this - she was on Falcon Crest a few years back and she had a crush on Lorenzo Lamas. So when I came back from having my hair done, she was like, 'Lorenzo, get upstairs!' Thank you Lorenzo!"

12/05/2003 13:38