Hugh Jackman would beat Ryan Reynolds in an arm wrestle.

Ryan insists Hugh is much stronger than him, and claims if the pair were ever to fight his 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' co-star would definitely triumph.

Ryan said: "I couldn't take Hugh Jackman in an arm wrestle absolutely not. He'd take my whole arm off and then beat me to death with it.

"The guy's a skin-covered mountain."

Although Ryan bulked up for the superhero movie, and enjoyed improving his body, he doesn't spend much time exercising unless he has to for a role.

The 'Proposal' actor - who is married to Scarlett Johansson - said: "My body is not a temple. I wouldn't even say it's a modest church. But I do love training before a film. Being able to morph into something else is one of my favourite things. I'll do anything - if the requirement is not to wear pants I would - if it were something I believed in."