Hugh Jackman's wife ''always'' falls asleep during his films.

The 'Greatest Showman' star has been married to Deborra-lee Furness since 1996 and admits she tends to suffer with fatigue while taking in a film or even a concert around seven minutes into the event, but at one of his screenings he was told by a producer to wake her up because it was ''embarrassing''.

When asked if she falls asleep when she watches his films, he replied: ''Every time.

''[It's] always [happened], and to be fair, it's with anybody's movies so it's not just me.

''I do remember a producer poking me at one point during a movie saying, 'Wake your wife up, it's embarrassing.'

''She's fallen asleep at a Rolling Stones concert. Three songs in, she's out.''

The 49-year-old actor has recalled one tale in which Deborra dropped off while they were watching the 'Chess' musical in their native Australia and she woke up and started spontaneously clapping, which led to the actors freezing in shock.

He said: ''My favourite Deb story of falling asleep is we were seeing the opening night of 'Chess' in Melbourne.

''Deb's asleep, it's usually seven minutes, like clockwork, but about 15 minutes in, mid-scene, it's not even a song, she goes, 'Oh.' [applauds].

''The actors stopped, everyone stopped because it was so weird. And that's my wife.''

Hugh joked his wife's tendency to fall asleep or not could replace the movie review system with the best rated films being the ones she manages to watch all the way through without dropping off.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', he added: ''She doesn't always fall asleep, but if anyone understood that it would be on the movie's poster, 'Deb stayed awake the entire time.'

''It's the greatest endorsement, forget five stars, that's it.''