Hugh Jackman believes ''intimacy'' is key to his successful marriage.

The 50-year-old actor and his wife Deborra-lee Furness will celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary next month and he feels the fact they have always been open and honest with one another has kept their relationship strong.

He said: ''Without a doubt, it is the most important thing.

''People talk about intimacy and assume that means in the bedroom. Of course it is that, but really, intimacy is being able to share everything together--good, bad, fears, successes.

''Deb and I had that from the beginning. We've always been completely ourselves with each other.''

The 'Greatest Showman' actor - who has Oscar, 18, and Ava, 13, with his spouse - loves nothing more than spending time with his family.

He told People magazine: ''Going to our country house, lighting a fire at night and roasting marshmallows is my favourite thing to do.''

Meanwhile, Hugh recently admitted his loved ones are ''sick'' of hearing the chart-topping 'Greatest Showman' soundtrack, though he's still ''excited'' by its popularity.

He said: ''It's not my world. I'm not a recording artist, I've done a few cast albums, so my kids and even my wife are getting so sick of it - they're like, 'It's the 20th week at Number One!' I'm still excited about it.''

The Australian actor - who portrayed circus owner P. T. Barnum in the musical - accepts that some people didn't like 'The Greatest Showman' because it is ''quite commercial'' but that doesn't bother him and he'd be far more concerned if ''nobody'' had enjoyed the film.

He said: ''If I invented chocolate ice cream and people came up to me and said 'I hate chocolate', then alright - that's OK. There's loads of people who love it.

''In the end, I'm a storyteller. I'm an actor who tells stories. Some people didn't like 'The Greatest Showman' and that's fine with me.

''It meant a lot to a lot of people. If you spend a lot of time on something and nobody likes it, then that's a little difficult because you think 'Wow, I've really gone off track here. I really thought this would connect and it didn't.'

''Of course people are sniffy; it's quite commercial, it's down the middle, there are people who wanted us to do different things with the character than what we were doing.''