Hugh Jackman will reprise Wolverine - but only on ''Saturday nights''.

The hunky actor had supposedly hung up his claws in 2016 after 16 years of playing the fiery X-Men superhero, but Hugh has now insisted he'll get back into character on the weekends to entertain his wife Deborra-lee Furness and their two kids Ava, 11, and Oscar, 17.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', Hugh said: ''He'll come back, just not with me ... except Saturday nights at my house. I dress up.

''When my kids are not doing their homework, I dress up and the claws come out, I just have to do that [raise an eyebrow] with the claws and it works.''

It's not the first time Hugh has admitted he loves to play the iconic character when the cameras aren't rolling.

The 48-year-old actor previously admitted he has kept the costume from the set of the franchise and revealed it comes in handy when impressing his 57-year-old wife in bed.

When asked what it was like to live with Hugh during filming of the superhero flick, Deborah said they get through a lot of ''sheets'' and joked: ''Oh my god, it's dreadful! Always with the claws. I'm like 'Mix the salad. Put them to use, come on!'''

Despite walking away from the money-spinning franchise, Hugh is sure another capable actor will replace him and Wolverine will continue to go from strength to strength.

He added: ''Definitely someone else will play the role [of Wolverine], it's a great role.

''You know, it's like a Bond or it's a like a Batman those kind of roles, other people will play him for sure.''