Hugh Jackman says filming a love scene with Jennifer Garner was "humiliating".

The Australian actor appears with the actress in upcoming film 'Butter' and while he enjoyed making the film, he was left embarrassed because of the unconventional manner in which he had to record the intimate moment.

He explained: "There was one scene where we make out in a car, but it's never seen, you can only hear it. So I'll never forget this - the sound guy, the director, me and Jen Garner got in a car to make making love sounds."

"It's kind of humiliating as we discovered he couldn't record us both at the same time, so one had to perform, then the other had performed and I'm really glad she went first because I never would've gone as far as she did unless she had gone first. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed in my life."

Despite the awkwardness, Hugh was thrilled to be a part of the movie because it was so much fun.

He added in an interview with PopSugar: "I had so much fun on that movie and I was so glad that she asked me to do it - she produced that movie as well. I just loved it. It was a blast and the cast was fantastic. It was like one week of work for me and I had so much fun."