Hugh Jackman is glad he's no longer dieting for his 'Wolverine' roles.

The 48-year-old actor made his eighth and final appearance as the Marvel Comics character in the recently released 'Logan', and has said he's ''loving'' being able to enjoy fatty foods again now that he doesn't have to keep in shape for the role.

He said: ''Now I'm eating and loving it. Sometimes waking up at two in the morning just to have breakfast cereal, and then go back to bed. With it still in my lap.''

And the Hollywood hunk - who played the clawed mutant for 17 years - says ability to stay in shape was ''unbelievable'' in hindsight.

Speaking on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' on Thursday (02.03.17), Hugh said: ''It's sort of unbelievable to me, what I did for 17 years. The first one, I thought you could get into shape in three weeks. The director pushed all the 'shirt off' scenes to the very end. You stop drinking water about 30 hours before you shoot. You lose ten pounds of water weight.''

And it isn't just Hugh who's happy he's no longer under pressure to stay slim, as his wife Deborra-lee Furness is pleased he will no longer look better than her.

Hugh said recently: ''I think she's just happy I'm off that diet. She said, 'You've got to understand that your job as a husband is not to be in shape and make me look good.''

And he revealed his wife didn't even want him to audition for Wolverine in the first place.

He recalled: ''She told me, 'Hugh, you were at the National Theatre with Sir Trevor Nunn, you cannot have claws coming out of your hands, this is ridiculous'.''