Hugh Jackman has been given a chance to realise his journalism dreams by accepting a guest hosting spot on a U.S. Tv show.

The X-Men star graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney with a degree in communications in 1991, but never pursued his reporting ambitions, choosing to chase an acting dram instead.

During an interview on breakfast show Today on Wednesday (18Sep13), he confessed he'd love an opportunity to try his hand at Tv news presenting, but feared he wouldn't be able to ask the tough questions when necessary.

He told host Matt Lauer, "I actually graduated with a major in journalism and... I was thinking about going into it, but I realised I would be bad at it.

"I could probably do half of your job. The travelling bit, the easy interviews, but when I'm handed the tougher interviews, I'm just gullible; I believe people. I'm like, 'Sure, yeah, Idi Amin (Ugandan dictator), he's a good guy'."

Lauer then offered Jackman a one-day guest hosting spot the next time he is available in New York, where the show is filmed, to which the actor happily obliged.

He said, "Really? I like it, I'm in."