The actor has been portraying the clawed superhero since 2000's X-Men and he has reprised the role for the ninth time in Logan.

Hugh has made it clear he is now retiring as the mutant character, and although he insists he has "no regrets" about the decision, he admits it is bittersweet.

"It's kinda like leaving the best part of your life," he explained on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "There's a point where you should go and this is just that time. It (the character) will never leave me. The fans come up to me every day of my life and I love 'em, this character I love; I don't regret anything. I'm just really lucky, blessed and I'm happy. I won't miss a thing."

Logan premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany last week (17Feb17) and Hugh is overjoyed at the strong reviews it has so far garnered from fans and critics alike.

"I'm really really proud of it," he said. "We tried to make something that didn't feel like a comic book movie, we wanted it to be a love letter to the fans, but a movie that people who have never ever seen a comic book movie would go to, and I think people are surprised by it and it's been really, really gratifying. And thankfully, even though this is my last one, people are like, 'No, don't make it the last...!'

"Every frame of this film I put everything into, and I owe it to the fans, I'm so grateful to the fans."

Hugh is now enjoying a more relaxed diet and fitness regimen after having to stay in tip-top shape for filming.

"Now I'm like, 'I don't have to be on the Wolverine diet, I'm just gonna eat!'" he laughed.

And there's another aspect of his Wolverine character his wife Deborra-Lee Furness will not miss - his bushy beard.

He quipped, "Deb is kinda happy those days are behind me!"

Logan hits movie theatres worldwide next week (begs27Feb17).