Hugh Jackman thinks it is ''irresponsible'' to ignore people's criticisms of his movies.

The 'Wolverine' star gladly takes any bad reviews of his movies on the chin and says his dad did worry he was ''too thin-skinned'' to be an actor.

He said: ''Oh, I do care [about the reviews]! My dad said to me, when I told him I wanted to be an actor, 'I'm worried that you're too thin-skinned ... It is irresponsible to ignore the reviews. You try to be smart with them. There was one reviewer, I don't want to tell you his name because I don't want him to feel self-conscious, who's written two things in two different theatre reviews about me, that I immediately went red when I read them.''

Whilst Hugh isn't fearful of bad reviews, there's one thing he really doesn't like - heights.

He added to The Times magazine: ''I remember being very fearful as a kid. Fearful of heights. I remember climbing, rock climbing, and I couldn't make it up, crying, and everyone making fun of me, and I remember saying, 'Yeah, you try, you try! You wait till you all try it!' And one by one, every one of them went up ... Humiliating.

''I hated missing out. I was the youngest of five kids growing up, but I didn't want to miss out, and the fear I felt stopped me from so much I wanted to do. I was scared of rollercoasters. I was scared of the dark. I wouldn't go into the house unless there was someone inside. Even when I was 12, I had to turn on every TV. I hated that feeling that I was trapped, that I felt trapped.''