Hugh Jackman is no longer ''afraid to fail'' as an actor.

The 'Logan' star is at ease with being ''true and open'' and ''not just showing his best side'' as an actor.

He said: ''I'm increasingly interested as an actor in what is going on in my relationship. It's a question of intimacy - the ability to be true and open and not just show your best side.

''To be not afraid to fail, to do a s**t take, to try something that was bad, to tell people you're nervous or scared.''

And the 48-year-old actor feels ''more involved'' in the latest and final instalment of the 'Wolverine' franchise.

He added: ''I'm more involved in this movie than before. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the filmmaker - it is a film by James Mangold, he wrote it, directed it - but I did have a very clear idea of the type of tone from the beginning, rang Jim, and he was on board. Fully expecting the studio to say no, but they didn't.''

The team behind 'Logan' decided to make Hugh's final outing as Wolverine different from all the other movies and he believes it was important to change it up as it's always good to do something that's ''fresh and new''.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''My summation of the business right now is that average fails. You used to be able, if you had a marketing machine, to get your first weekend, and get your money back. You could make an average film, and you were OK.

''I don't think that works any more. That's why there are so many spectacular flops. Because by 7pm on a Friday night, the whole world knows if something is below expectations. You've got to make something that's different, that's fresh, that's new, and that is good, or you're dead.''