Hugh Jackman was initially unsure about the ending of 'Logan'.

The 48-year-old actor makes his eighth and final appearance as the clawed mutant Wolverine in the recently released 'X-Men' spin-off, and has said he wasn't sure about the movie's final scenes when he first read the script.

In the movie, Wolverine - also known as the titular Logan - meets a noble end when defending X-23 and her fellow young mutants from the Reavers, and Hugh admits he originally believed it would have been ''more powerful'' if he didn't die.

Speaking to Yahoo, Hugh said: ''It was always floated that Logan would possibly die. I said, 'Let's be open, because it may be more powerful for him not to die ... James was always certain of that ending, and he was right. Unlike a human character, what's most poignant for someone who is thought to be indestructible is him dying while saying, 'This is what it feels like.'''

Meanwhile, Hugh recently said he was pleased he and the movie's director James Mangold pushed to get the feature an R rating, as it it has been a relief for him to be able to portray the character's dark side free from restrictions.

He said: ''It seems to me that Wolverine may be one of the darkest, most complex characters in the comic-book universe.

''Every time for the last 17 years I've seen PG-13, a little part of me has winced going, 'Wolverine would never be in a PG-13 movie'.

''All Jim and I were apprehensive about was taking off the seatbelt, taking off any kind of restriction and just diving into this character.''

But the star also insisted the movie hasn't been given such a high rating because of violent content.

He added: ''It's not R rated because of the violence, although there is R-rated violence in it.

''That rating is about the subject matter, the way the characters are treated as well as the way the violence is depicted.

''I think this is far more realistic than anything we've done before in the 'X-Men' franchise and maybe many other comic-book movies, far more human.''