Hugh Jackman hopes his villainous new character in robot-with-a-heart movie Chappie is a big hit, because he thinks his awful look in the film could inspire a great Halloween costume.

The X-Men star portrays Vincent Moore in the new Neill Blomkamp film, and he feels sure his character's awful outfits and mullet hairstyle will catch on.

He tells Wenn, "I had so much fun playing this guy and creating the character and obviously playing the villain. I hadn't worn those khaki shorts since high school, so that was kind of a throwback. One of the images that Neill first sent to me was this Australian character who had a mullet. It included the shorts and the mullet and I just loved it.

"My wife reminded me when she saw the film that the very first job I did I had a mullet, where she first met me! So it was kind of great for me; another throwback to 20 years ago. It just seemed to fit who he is. He's one of the guys who thinks he's the coolest and has it all together and doesn't realise from the haircut to the shorts and the way he acts that no one really likes him.

"He really thinks he's the man, and the mullet just seemed perfect! The mullet's back; it should be very popular at Halloween this year!"