Hugh Jackman has confirmed he'll be bringing his magic touch back to the Broadway stage in 2013 as illusionist Harry Houdini.
The movie star has just completed a record-breaking one-man show in New York and now he's set to tackle a musical about one of the most enigmatic characters in showbusiness.
Jackman tells, “I have been deeply fascinated by the life of Harry Houdini since I was young, and in many ways I’ve been preparing for this role my whole life."
It's not the first time the Aussie hunk has tackled a magical role - he played Robert Angier in 2006 film The Prestige.
Oscar winners Aaron Sorkin and Stephen Schwartz will collaborate on the productions' words and music and three-time Tony Award winner Jack O’Brien will direct the musical.
Jackman adds, "I am thrilled to be collaborating with this collection of artists who are all at the top of their game.”
And Sorkin reveals, "Rather than being a biography, Houdini... tells the story of an epic battle that took place between the world's greatest illusionist and a trio of women, known as Spiritualists, who convinced millions of people, including the editors of Scientific American and The New York Times, that they could communicate with the dead."