Dafne Keen felt like she was part of a ''little family'' on the set of 'Logan'.

The 13-year-old actress starred in the R-rated superhero flick alongside Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart - who both reprised their roles as Wolverine and Professor X respectively - and Keen had nothing but praise for her co-stars.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz after winning the Best Female Newcomer at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards 2018 on Sunday (18.03.18), Keen said: ''Hugh is the nicest human being on planet earth and I think in the whole world and the universe.

''And he is such a great actor and partner and everything. You really engage with him.

''And Patrick Stewart is really, really, nice and such a great actor. He was very, very nice. I think, as a threesome, we were like a little family on set.''

Keen was only 11 when she landed the role opposite Jackman and Stewart and has no desire to stop acting and would love to star in a musical.

She said: ''I would love to carry on acting. I love doing superhero movies because they are really fun to film.

''I did a comedy in summer, so I have ticked that off. I still want to do a musical. I can sort of sing but I can dance.

''I would like to do everything.''

Keen was also wearing a Time's Up pin in wake of the sexual harassment allegations affecting the film industry, and the actress thinks everyone should be supporting the movement.

She said: ''It's a big thing because finally we are being accepted with all these big films like 'Wonder Woman' and everything and all these women characters.

''I think we should support this because we have been doing these horrible things to actresses just so they are in our films.

''And there are so many women who are being abused and I think it's finally their time to say, 'Hey. Help me. I've been abused'.''