Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner had a series of naughty sweet treats for his recent 82nd birthday, including chocolate body parts and a cake presented to him by a nude Pamela Anderson.
The ageing porn mogul celebrated his birthday in April (08) and he's still munching his way through the risque molded chocolate body parts of his three Playmate companions.
But even they were shocked when Hefner's favourite pin-up, former Baywatch beauty Anderson, showed up to hand over his cake - naked.
Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hef's three girlfriends, says, "I think it was the perfect surprise for him - Pam Anderson, walking out with a cake naked... what can get better than that?"
Wilkinson tells Us Weekly magazine she gave her man a white chocolate replica of her naked butt.
She adds, "I molded my ass, so I could call it 'chocolate starfish'. It was white chocolate, and I put a dark chocolate little thing right in the middle."