Hugh Hefner's son finds it "weird" that his father has girlfriends younger than he is.

The 84-year-old Playboy founder frequently dates much younger women and though 20-year-old Cooper Hefner insists he has always been comfortable with his dad's unusual lifestyle, he isn't always happy about his dates.

Cooper said: "What can I say? Dad is Dad - and the Playboy Mansion is home. I've never known anything else, so to me it's normal - as ridiculous as that sounds.

"Although it is a little weird now that some of Dad's girlfriends are actually younger than me."

However, Cooper - whose three-year relationship with an English girl came to an end last year - insists he and his dad won't compete over women because they have different tastes.

He added to Britain's Glamour magazine: "I'm not a blondes fan usually. I've grown up surrounded by beautiful - or what people class as beautiful - women and this whole Playboy lifestyle, and it almost makes you look for something else. I don't want someone who will just sit there on my arm - I want someone I can chat politics with."