Former model Chloe Goins, 26, filed a lawsuit against both the comedian and the Playboy magazine founder in May (16), alleging that while she was attending a party at Hefner's home in 2008, Cosby sexually abused her in a bedroom.

According to the Associated Press, Hefner's lawyers have asked a federal judge in a court in Los Angeles to dismiss the case, arguing that bringing the case is barred by the state's statute of limitations law and that it does not include any evidence supporting his inclusion in the lawsuit.

"That Goins is suing Hefner... who has never once in his long and storied career been implicated in a single act of sexual impropriety against a woman, smacks of a desperate ploy to garner publicity and wrangle an unwarranted settlement," Hefner's lawyers wrote in their motion seeking the dismissal of the case.

Goins claims Hefner knew about Cosby's alleged history of drugging and abusing women and that he was enabling the veteran comedian's behaviour.

She has accused Cosby of allegedly spiking her drink and then leading her to a bedroom at Hefner's suggestion. The publisher's lawyers contend that there are inconsistencies in her account of the incident, and that Los Angeles prosecutors declined to bring a criminal case against Cosby relating to her allegations.

U.S. District judge George H. Wu has set a date of 1 August (16) to hear Hefner's motion arguing for dismissal.