Hugh Hefner, the 85-year-old Playboy founder, has introduced model Shera Bechard as his new girlfriend, just days after labelling playmate Anna Sophia Burgland his "best girl". Hugh Hefner recently split from Crystal Harris after she called off the couple's wedding at the last minute.
According to the Hollywood Gossip, Hugh has found love with the Ontario born model Bechard. On Saturday (25th June 2011), the magazine magnate tweeted "I miss you. I can't wait for your return. Love, Hef". When pushed by followers who he was referring to, Hefner tweeted, "The I miss you tweet was for Shera Berchard, who is away on a Playmate promotion". He later tweeted Shera directly, saying, "Goodnight, darling". The relationship doesn't appear to have gone down well with Hefner's ex Crystal, who tweeted, "I was replaced the day after I left #expected". According to her official website, Bechard's favourite television shows are 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', 'Dexter' and 'Seinfeld'. In fifteen years' time she hopes to be 'running her own perfume line', and dreams of running a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica.
Hugh Hefner recently announced the planned Lifetime TV special documenting his wedding to Harris will now air in July with a "runaway bride" theme".