Hugh Hefner is set to have a film made about his life with the 85 year-old adult magazine mogul set to bring some heavy hitters on board to make the re-telling of his life on the silver screen one of the most simultaneously tasteful and epic biopic's yet. That's what he hopes anyway, we suspect there'll be plenty of folks there just to check out the Playboy bunnies.
The Daily Telegraph reports that Heff is in talks to bring Peter Morgan on board for the project; Morgan is of course the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind films such as 'The Queen', which saw Helen Mirren dazzle in her role, and 'Frost/Nixon' set around the Cold War era. Hefner tweeted recently "I had a good meeting today with screenwriter Peter Morgan discussing a film about my life" adding credence to the notion that this may well be happening.
There haven't been any other rumours quite as solid as this one, though plenty of names are being bandied about. Jerry Weintraub, producer of 'Ocean's 11', is believed to be producing the movie with Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr reportedly among the front runners to play the role of Hefner himself. We can't really see Cruise going for that one in light of all that's recently come out. With Hef founding Playboy all the way back in 1953, it'll be interesting to see whether the script focuses on just an aspect of his life in detail or if it'll act as an overview of him as a whole.