Hugh Hefner's "number one" girlfriend is urging the Playboy founder to ditch his other women.

Holly Madison, 25, admits that while Hefner, 79, has whittled down his number of girlfriends from seven to three, she's eager to have his undivided attention.

She says, "In five years, I see myself alone with Hef - not that I don't necessarily want other people around. I'm a people person, so having BRIDGET and KENDRA living here is great. But do I like him having other girlfriends? No.

"I know that I'm his number one girl, but I think he needs to get rid of the extra girls.

"Just 'cause I want it doesn't mean it'll happen. I love hanging out with (the other girls) and we're having so much fun right now. It's just that when you're in love with somebody you would like to have 'em by yourself. And I always think, 'Down the road, when I'm 30, I'd love to have kids.'"