Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has spoken for the first time since his split from girlfriend Holly Madison.
The Playboy blonde confessed the pair had ended their relationship during a video interview with celebrity website
Hefner previously denied the pair had broken up, but now concedes the relationship is over.
He says, "If Holly says it's over, I guess it's over. She's still here in the house. Until a few days ago, we were still sharing the same bed.
"There's been moments that I've been down in the dumps about all this, and (personal assistant) Mary (O'Connor) told me to cheer up and pointed out that there are girls lined up outside the front gate. At my age, that's hard to believe, but it seems to be true.
"It's a big house. And I'm not going to live alone. I'm definitely not going to live alone."
It is believed Madison called the relationship off after Hefner refused to marry her or father her children.
But the 83-year-old says she learned of his reluctance to commit six months ago.
He adds, "The fact that she was depressed after that, I didn't know at all. That was a revelation in the last days and weeks. Quite frankly, we thought when the time came, we would make a combined statement and we expected that combined statement would be somewhere in the weeks and months ahead."