British actor Hugh Grant has found fans in high places after Hungarian Prime Minister FERENC GYURCSANY revealed his fondness for the star in an internet video.

The clip, inspired by Grant's hit Love Actually, sees the head of state dancing to a pop song in his study - mimicking the actor's role in the film as a maverick British prime minister.

Gyurcsany asserts in his blog on a popular left-wing youth website that the video was a wedding gift to government spokesman Andras Batiz, as part of a time-honoured tradition.

He writes, "It has been a habit for quite a few years with my friends that we watch a Hugh Grant movie on New Year's Eve, more precisely at dawn on New Year's Day, either Notting Hill or Love Actually."

But Batiz insists, "The scene even surprised us who meet the prime minister daily and obviously know him in a way most people don't."