Hugh Grant works out with "attractive young girls" to keep him feeling youthful.

The British actor regularly attends Pilates classes in London now he is approaching his 50th birthday - which he will celebrate next September - in a bid to stay supple and healthy.

He said: "I've actually started to do Pilates to try and keep me young. I go to a place in London where there are all these attractive young girls and just the one sad, hung-over old man, who is me. I dot know if it's working. I saw a picture of myself in a newspaper the other day and the caption said I looked every one of my 49 years and 'very tired and portly'. Portly! I was crushed."

Despite gaining many female fans over the years, Hugh is worried he isn't aging well.

He explained to Britain's Hello! magazine: "50 is not a very good number, it is? I think we all have a bit of age terror in us. To be honest, I don't really feel all that old in myself - I actually feel rather young and sprightly - but then I see a picture of myself and think, 'Christ, who is that old man?' "