Movie actor Hugh Grant upset former British PRIME MINISTER JOHN MAJOR by telling him he appears "boring" on television.

The 43-year-old star - who plays a fictional Prime Minister in new movie LOVE ACTUALLY - was surprised when the ex-CONSERVATIVE PARTY leader made a funny speech at his Downing Street residence when he visited some years ago.

As Grant was drunk he decided to tease Major, before annoying his wife NORMA MAJOR as well.

Hugh says, "It's the only time I've been to 10 Downing Street in my life and I got rather drunk.

"John Major made a very funny speech and I said to him afterwards, 'That was a very funny speech, which is strange, because you're so boring on television.'

"He looked pretty angry. Then I said the same thing about him to his wife and she looked quite angry too.

"After that, I went straight home."

21/10/2003 13:56