Hugh Grant believes his phone was hacked by the UK's Mail on Sunday newspaper - a publication not owned by Rupert Murdoch, who closed down the News of the World following a widely reported hacking scandal. He also suspects tabloids of breaking into his flat after he was caught with a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard.
According to the Associated Press, Grant was speaking at an inquiry into media ethics on Monday (November 21 2011) and claimed the Mail on Sunday hacked into his phone messages and subsequently wrote a story about a "plummy voiced woman". The Four Weddings and a Funeral actor sued the newspaper for libel and won, but said it was only recently that he discovered his phone may have been hacked, claiming there was no other way the newspaper could have obtained the story. The story alleged his romance with socialite Jemima Khan was on the rocks because of his late night conversations with a "plummy voiced" studio executive, however, Grant said there was no such woman but that he did receive voice messages from the assistant of a producer, saying, "She would leave charming, joking messages ... and she had a voice that can only be described as plummy". Asked whether he was speculating about the source of the story, the British star replied, "Speculation? OK But ... I'd love to hear what the Daily Mail or the Sunday Mail's explanation of what that source was if it wasn't phone hacking". Grant also told the inquiry he had suspicions about an expert burglary at his fourth-floor flat in London, shortly after he was caught with a Hollywood prostitute, saying, "The day after that a detailed account of what the interior of my flat looked like appeared in one of the British tabloid papers.This was at a time when there was a lot of press outside all the time desperate to get in"
Grant is the latest in a string of high profile individuals to appear at the inquiry into phone hacking, including actress Sienna Miller. Harry Potter novelist Jk Rowling is expected to testify about how she was followed, photographed and even harassed by tabloid journalists.