Hugh Grant has not yet signed up for 'Bridget Jones 3'.

The British actor - who played lothario Daniel Clever in the first two romantic comedies - has seen a script for the project, but reveals neither he, nor Renee Zellweger or Colin Firth, have signed up for a third instalment.

He told Empire magazine: ''No one has signed on the dotted line. But they are working on our script. I have seen The Script.''

Hugh has become well known for his portrayal of bumbling English characters in movies, but his favourite performance of his was in 'About A Boy' and 'Two Weeks Notice' with Sandra Bullock.

He added: ''I like 'About A Boy'. I don't think I am terrible in that.

''Some of them that you have hated are the ones I liked very much, films like 'Two Weeks Notice'. I loved making that film - loved Sandra Bullock. In fact, I think I am rather good in that film. But everyone is entitled to disagree. The fact is when they work, when they entertain, sometimes they might get a good review.

''More often in my case, they will do good box office and not get such good reviews.''