Hugh Grant evaded questions about marriage plans last night after navigating the media junket to promote his up-coming film, Music and Lyrics.

The British actor stars alongside Drew Barrymore in the film which depicts him as a faded pop star who returns to writing with the help of his co-star.

And, as the Four Weddings and A Funeral star did the media rounds, he appeared tense when questioned about his relationship with Jemima Khan.

With long-time friend and former lover Elizabeth Hurley set to marry later this year, BBC presenter Kate Silverton asked Hugh if he was set to walk up the aisle.

Waving away the question, he quipped: "I can't - believe you asked me that. This is a classy show. I'm ashamed of you."

Grant, who has been complaining about his life as an actor and threatening to quit altogether, also had difficulty with some of the more musical scenes during the making of the film.

Insisting he is tone deaf the foppish actor said he had to turn to the bottle in order to overcome nerves over the dancing and singing scenes in the film.

"I had to resort to alcohol, so I had quite a nice day in the end," he commented.

06/02/2007 09:38:45