The touching ballad Hugh Grant croons in his new romantic comedy MUSIC + LYRICS was written by a 13-year-old. Director Marc Lawrence's son CLYDE came up with the track when his dad was trying to find the right tune for the British star to sing in the pivotal scene. In the film, Grant plays a washed-up 80s pop star embarking on a comeback, and he actually chose to sing young Clyde's love song, without realising it was written by a teenager. His proud dad asked Grant, himself, to vet the tune, DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT, without telling him where it came from - so as not to appear nepotistic. The moviemaker says, "Hugh really liked Dance With Me Tonight... He had a bunch of those songs for that scene on his iPod and he called me from London and said, `This is absolutely the one I want to do.' So I put it in the movie with Clyde playing piano on the track." And Lawrence reveals Clyde's ballad in Music + Lyrics isn't the first time the teenager has written a tune for his dad's films. The director adds, "He wrote the theme song to Miss Congeniality when he was seven."